You have changed but I won’t change at all.

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hammock burrito


what a cute couple

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A single image post from this thing.

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Circa 1989: Four-year-old me in a homemade Halloween costume of a “four-headed alligator”, sulking/crying because no one “gets it”.

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a while ago i asked you guys to submit cuddling scenarios (i was in a sappy mood) and an anon asked me to do this; i wanted to spend more than ten minutes on it so i put it off until just now.
i hope this is good enough, anon~
(i was gonna put jesse’s plush prizes everywhere but it’s 1:25 in the morning so you’re gonna hafta deal with this)

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Jukebox The Ghost morph from the Steve Madden photoshoot,

and holy fuck


fuck fuck fuck


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Script is from/based on the song “Don’t Let Me Fall Behind” by Jukebox the Ghost. 

In other J the G news, the band is asking for videos of them or fans jamming to “Everybody Knows” and “Say When” for a project they’re working on. Check out the details on their website. 

Hopefully I can get some footage to contribute when I see them at their show in Chicago. Many thanks for the kind words from those who offered.

More comics to come. Stay excellent. 

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#say now


I don’t even know what to say

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